Engineering solutions

Digitize & Automate

Software takes machines and industrial plants into the cloud, and bridges heterogeneous control systems into distributed networks.

k3b develops software for your high tech applications.

Data becomes Information

Algorithms recognize patterns in big data and render manual processing steps redundant.

k3b combines data science and engineering and turns your data into actionable information.

Smart Industry

Machine learning technologies can learn from historical data to assist in decision-making and assume autonomous control functions.

k3b develops innovative solutions for your challenges.

Things are only impossible
until they're not.

Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the USS Enterprise

Problem solving competence

In order to solve complex problems, more than one expert is needed. k3b is a versatile team with backgrounds in software development & data science, physics, engineering sciences, and product design: interdisciplinary problem solving competence even for complex challenges.

Full stack, full lifecycle

k3b masters the tools and processes for every phase of software development: we design, develop, test, deploy, debug, maintain, and optimize software and systems for your application. Agile and reliable in every step of the software lifecycle.

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Predictive Maintenance & IOT

Predictive maintenance reduces the need for manual inspection and preventive routine-based maintenance on industrial equipment. Machine learning models are trained with historical data. Relevant data from the internet-enabled equipment such as sensor readings or PLC recordings are analyzed in real-time. The model detects abnormal behaviour, and can forecast probable events in the future.

In-time failure warnings and condition-based maintenance lead to cost-saving and reduce overall downtime. k3b can help to connect your equipment to the cloud, and build reliable prediction systems around your data.

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Audio & Video Processing

Technologies such as video and audio fingerprinting make the recognition of audiovisual content possible, e.g. spots within a video stream. Text recognition (OCR), applied to camera images or single frames from video sequences, can be used to transcribe text insertions, hash tags for Twitter handles or car number plates. Automated Content Recognition (ACR) can automatically filter, classify or label content, or trigger synchronous events in other systems.

Hot Word Detection and Speech-to-Text technologies can enable you to operate your control systems or facilities with verbal commands - contactless and hands-free, and, if required, even offline.

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Business Intelligence & Data Science

Your business processes and analytics generate data. Customized reportings and live dashboards make complex data accessible, easily exportable and can correlate multiple data sources where your web analytics provider is rather restricted.

In addition to manual analyses, advanced algorithms can detect patterns in datasets too large for manual processing. Machine learning models, once trained with the characteristics of your business field and the data domain, can generate forecasts. Data science provides valuable tools and actionale insights for your business intelligence.

Selected Projects

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Elevator Box

Equipment Monitoring
SBC with sensor system for elevators that measures operating and maintenance parameters and sends them to the cloud, e.g. storey, power consumption, payload etc.
Symptom Recognition from afar
After data fusion, anomalies and patterns are analyzed in order to provide timely warnings in the event of emerging malfunctions and maintenance requirements.
Plug & Predict
Can be installed without prior calibration; independent model training, remote control from the cloud dashboard and update over the air.
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Ad Spendings Forecast

10 Years of Media Data
A mass media company analyzes Nielsen media data, scanning for budget shifts from one channel to another, increases in ad spendings in certain industries or changes in seasonalities to adjust their sales activities accordingly. The problem: the data is complex and the large volume hard to analyze. Sales opportunities are often detected too late or not at all.
Algorithms for Interesting Patterns
Machine learning models are trained with data from known events from the past 10 years. These algorithms learn to forecast expected ad spendings, their trends and seasonal changes. The most recent data is fed into the system to detect derivations from the expected behaviours.
Get market insights fast
Alerts report recognized patterns and events, and provide plotted charts so that proactive action can be taken.
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TV Tracker

Video Processing
Live processing of all relevant German free-to-air and pay tv stations
Automated Content Recognition
Fingerprint matching of the video and audio content in realtime to detect tv ads
M2M Alert System
Automated triggers if subscribed tv ads were detected for cross-media sync and analytics
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Hospital Information System (HIS)

Hospital System Interfaces
The customer's hospital information system consists of a number of subsystems. The event-based data exchange between the systems uses the standard HL7 2X.
Translation to FHIR
A new component should store admissions and discharges of patients and the corresponding master data. A Mirth Connect communication server is used to translate HL7 2X messages into the more recent FHIR standard.
Interoperability and Persistence
The FHIR standard will allow easy exchange of healthcare data between systems. Patient data is stored in an encrypted database.

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